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OrphanList.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization committed to helping orphans and widows in various regions of the world. We have created partnerships with other reputable non-profit organizations and orphanages with the ability to break the cycle of poverty and show love to children who need it most. Our desire is to meet the immediate physical needs of each child and then develop a long-term relationship, ultimately teaching them how to be self-sufficient in their communities by creating micro-enterprises and providing education. We have chosen organizations that give nearly 100% of our funding directly to children and widows in need. OrphanList.org will not spend any part of your donations on operational costs.

Most of our current work is at the Bible Faith Outreach (BFO) orphanage in Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea. It is a wonderful orphanage and outreach center to about 150 kids and widows. It is run by a wonderful lady named Aunty Rosa. Working with them has been a true blessing. Please consider joining us and help these beautiful children.


Our goal at OrphanList.org is to make the giving process more personal. Rather than writing an anonymous check, OrphanList.org allows you to purchase specific items for children including food, clothes, school fees, shoes, bikes, toys, medical supplies, and many other desperately needed items. OrphanList.org informs local non-profit workers when you have selected specific items for purchase. They will in turn purchase the material(s) for the child or widow in need. Our goal is to photograph the recipient(s) with the item(s) and post the photograph on OrphanList.org.


It is not our goal at OrphanList.org to become a large organization. Instead, we desire to have a few close relationships with orphanages in various regions around the world. We hope to transform lives and communities in the process. We truly believe that small things done with great love will change the world. We hope we can do our small part.


Our mission at OrphanList.org is simple. We believe that God deeply cares about His creation. We feel it is a great honor to be used by God to extend His love and care for those who desperately need it. We are grateful for the missionaries who have dedicated their lives to work every day with the forgotten children God loves. If OrphanList.org can help them provide the basic needs for these children, they can be equipped to do what they do best – love and care for those in need.


We have two passions at OrphanList.org. We desire to love God with our whole heart and to love and serve others. We believe that we were created by God to be with God. His desire is to know us and be with us. He is our treasure and we desire to be with Him every day of our lives. As His love transforms us, we enjoy serving the creation that He loves.

Thank you for your support!